Our story so far....

Hubertus UK is promoting a beer that is both light and fresh tasting. The Hubertus brand is available throughout the UK in an array of well-placed public houses, specialist off licenses, farm shops and tourist attractions. We have designed this web site to bring the beer to you and your family to enjoy. We hope you like our story and are interested enough to try a beer that comes from a brewery dating back to 1457.


It all started when we visited a castle. My wife’s family are Czech and often on visiting her parents we would explore more of the countryside and history of this nation. This particular day started in the same fashion.  A remotely located castle was the aim, an area neither of us had travelled to before - and it is a very splendid castle, however the smell of the local brewery across the meandering river was both enticing and exciting to me. I was trying to fathom out how I could somehow not upset my wife but also persuade her to take a slight detour, it had been a very hot day and we were both thirsty – that’s what I was going with - when fate stepped in. Our transport was delayed and we would have to be collected from the brewery - I couldn’t have planned it better.


Move on a few years and many visits to the brewery with friends to make sure it wasn’t just my opinion; I was convinced I wanted to bring the Hubertus brand to the UK. Now I needed to convince the owners – and my wife of my ideas. I was in luck she loved the beer as much as me, she even arranged a meeting with the owners. Ok I didn’t get away with it that easily but I was I thought half way there!


Traditionally and I mean for centuries, the beer produced at Kacov had never been sold outside of the local area and here I was sat in front of the owner asking if I could take their beer to the UK. That was the start of our journey. The beer is still excellent here in the UK with no additives or preservatives. The brewery has been producing beer since 1457 passing the recipes down the generations. It has a wonderful history and the part my family has played throughout has been shall we say – interesting. (A book outlining this amazing journey is due to be published in the coming months, sign up to our newsletter and we will let you know when it’s available).


You don’t have to wait any longer or travel to and fro the Czech Republic, the beer is here and now.  You can buy it, mix and match it, buy it in crates or barrels and have it delivered to your door – or wait and find a pub coming near you.